Scholar Enrollment Interest Form for Proposed STEAM Charter School in Sumter County
An application to establish a new public charter school will be submitted to a state-approved sponsor in February 2020. If approved, Sumter's first-ever public charter school will open in the Fall of 2021 and serve, at its build out, scholars in grades PK-12 with grade levels phased in over time. Charter schools in South Carolina are tuition-free public schools, sponsored by a state-approved sponsor, and is governed by a Board of Directors (consisting of parents and community citizens). There are no test-in requirements. Charter schools offer unique educational programming and operate with greater autonomy in exchange for being held accountable for increasing student outcomes at faster rates. If more scholars apply than the number of seats allotted by each grade level, a lottery will be held to determine scholar admission.

The proposed public charter school will offer a unique personalized learning model centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) career pathways and facilitated through project-based learning. It is envisioned that the STEAM career pathways offered will mirror the workforce needs of the Sumter economy. Students will have the opportunity to study specific career paths with opportunities for real-life workplace experiences. The goal is to create the conditions to embrace scholar talents and interests and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in college or career, while also being an invested member of their community. We seek to provide an additional public education option for the scholars of Sumter County. Here are a few key components of the school experience we seek to design:

1. Strong family partnerships
2. Extended school day/school year
3. Extensive push to strengthen literacy foundation
4. Smaller classroom sizes (as compared to traditional sizes)
5. Attentiveness to the social and emotional needs of our students, families, and educators
6. Character development
7. A complete and unwavering expectation that all scholars can achieve at high levels

As part of the charter application process, the Founding Committee seeks to collect information from parents who are potentially interested in enrolling their child (ren) in the proposed STEM Charter School in the Fall of 2021. If you have further questions, please reach out to the founding committee via email (
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