Application - Kickstart by Headstart
Here's a great chance for you to find out if you are investment ready and meet active Investors.

What is Kickstart?
Kickstart is an initiative by Headstart Network foundation where startups pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who are active angel investors, venture capitalists or program managers with the country's leading incubators and accelerators. After inviting applications, the startups are shortlisted by Headstart. On the day of the event, the startups battle it out in a fiery pitch session in front of a jury. The day ends with networking and the announcement of the winners. Investors set up one on one meetings with startups they are interested in funding.

Over the past years, Headstart has received close to 2000+ applications for Kickstart, of which, we have enabled 150+ startups to pitch across India. Some of the success stories include Perpule, OpenApp, Vilfresh India, Yellow Messenger, CoRower, Oceo, Kabaadiwala, Aisle etc., These startups have found investment and have been selected by Axilor, SAP Labs, Upaya Agribusiness Accelerator etc, for their accelerator programs.

What we are looking for in the top startups:
1. Does the startup solve a big problem in a big, fast-growing market?
2. How good is the traction?
3. Does the team have the wherewithal to become a market leader?
4. Does the startup have a sustainable competitive advantage?
5. How is your idea influencing society or making an impact in your target segment?

We are conducting multiple editions of Kickstart between January and March across various cities:
Raipur- 15 February (Applications Closed)
Jaipur- 29 February (last date to apply- 25th Feb)
Navi Mumbai- 29 February (last date to apply- 25th Feb)
Delhi- 14th March (last date to apply- 29th Feb)

The time it typically takes to fill the form: 20-30 mins
Note: The information you provide will be safe and will be shared with the judges upon request only.
1. Startups must have been in operation for at least 5 months and should not have exceeded three years.
2. You should be willing to travel to the city you select in case your startup is shortlisted.
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