UC Regents - Respect UCSA's Vote, Postpone Student Regent Nomination!

***Update - In total, this petition has been signed by 883 students from across the University of California system. Below please find information on the breath of student participation in this petition.

Students across the University of California write to voice their strong opposition to the UC Regents appointment of Avi Oved as Student Regent Designate. At the outset, by disregarding the 10-0 vote by the University of California Student Association, the UC Regents are directly opposing the student voice and the process of student democracy. Students have a right to decide how our universities are run, and especially to decide who is to be our sole representative on the statewide Board of Regents.

Avi Oved’s actions as documented in the Daily Californian and by the UCSA demonstrate that he is unfit to serve as student regent:

First, Oved solicited and received funds from noted Islamophobe and bigot Adam Milstein as well as other unknown parties. This relationship, and the solicitation of funds from Milstein, has never been in question. Just as a student with ties to bigotry against any other group of people would not be fit to represent the University of California student body, so too is Oved unfit to represent students across the UC. The parties affected by this bigotry include not just the Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian students who are the targets of Milstein’s disgusting views, but all students who are offended by Milstein’s hateful views. Equally troubling is the personal attack made by Oved against another student running for campus elected office, revealed in the first email published by the Daily Californian.

Second, Oved’s solicitation of off-campus funding for student elections undermined the student democratic process at UCLA. These actions showed a willingness to create an unequal playing field in which outside funding helps candidates win elections while students without access to this funding remain at a disadvantage. Moreover, there is widespread concern that these actions also violated UCLA Elections Code, (Article 6, Section B, Subsection I) which mandates that donations and professional services must be disclosed to the public.

Third, Oved’s response to this issue has been an insult to the students he is supposed to serve. He was intentionally absent from a conference call designed for him to respond to questions and concerns, then issued a response that did not address any of those concerns. Roughly 100 students from across the state had called in to voice their concerns to him, and were disappointed by his unexplained absence. Later, in a conference call with the UCSA, Oved denied that his campaign received funds from Milstein, a statement which was directly contradicted hours later by new documents published by the Daily Californian. No explanation was given by Oved as to how his statement could match the facts asserted by the Daily Cal. Evading accountability and transparency processes of the student body, and apparently misleading the UCSA Board are serious violations of Oved’s responsibility to students and cause us to call for him to step down and be replaced by another candidate.

With this said, we the students demand that the UC Regents respect the vote taken by our representatives, the UCSA Board, and postpone the nomination until these matters can be cleared up to the satisfaction of the student body. We also demand that Avi Oved clearly distance himself from the toxic and bigoted views of his party’s donor, Adam Milstein.


Milstein tweets indicate shocking bigotry:

Funds to UCLA student political party came from outside sources, leaked emails show:

UCSA committee votes to request delay of student regent-designate nominee confirmation:

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    Students who identify as members of the following campus organizations have signed this petition:

    A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, Afghan Student Association, African Student Union, Alkalima, Amnesty International at UCLA, APILSA, Arab Student Union at UC Davis, Arab student union (various schools), Armenian Students Association (various schools) AS Student Commission on Racial Equality, Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance, Asian Pacific Student Alliance, Associated Students USCSD, Associated Students, ASUCB, ASUCD Muslim Students Association, ASUCD We Are Aggie Pride, ASUCD--External Affairs Commission, ASUCR, Berkeley Common Cause, Berkeley Student Cooperative, Beta Delta Alpha, Black Student Union at UC Davis, Black Student Union, BLSA, Bruin Feminists for Equality, Cal Berkeley Democrats, Cal QnA, CalSERVE, Chai Talks, Circle K International, Committee for Justice in Palestine, Computer Science Club, Cooperative Movement Party, Cross Cultural Center, Cultural Affairs Commission, Delta Lambda Phi, Department of Sociology, ΣΛΒ, Educational Opportunity Program, Empowered Arab Sisterhood at UC Davis, Empowered Arab Sisterhood, Epsilon Alpha Sigma Sorority, EWOCC, Fluid at UCLA, Fresh S.T.A.R.T, Gamma Rho Lambda, Greek Life, HOOLIGAN, Humyn Rights Board, IDEAS at UCLA, IDEAS UCSB, Incarcerated Youth Tutorial Project, Iranian Student Group, Iranian Students Cultural Organization, J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, Kapatirang Pilipin@, Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni kappa sigma fraternity, La Familia, Latino Union, Lean In UCR, Lebanese Student Association at Berkeley, MEChA Cal, MEChA de UCLA Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan, MEMSA, Minority Association of Pre-medical Students, Mixed Student Union, Model United Nations, MSA West, MSA, Mujeres Unidas, Muslim Community Association, Muslim Law Student Association, Muslim student association at UC Davis, Native Roots, New University newspaper, Not for Sale, Nursing Students at UCLA, Office of Residential Life, Olive Tree Initiative (various schools), onestop, Operational Excellence, OutLaw, Pacific Islander Student Association, Pakistani Student Association (various schools), Phi Alpha Delta Pre law Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, QARC/YQUE, QSU, Queer Alliance, Queer Asian Pacific Islanders, Queer People of Color (various schools), RAZA assembly, RAZA Recruitment and Retention Center, Regent's Scholar Society, Residential and Community Living, SAE, Sahamang Pilipino, Salsa Society, Samahang Pilipino, SANAA, Shifa Clinic, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sikh Cultural Association, Social Awareness Network for Activism Through Art, Society of Bruin Linguists, Society of Petroleum Engineers at UCI, SOGA, South Asian Students Association, SSA, STEP-Up, Student and Worker Collective, student collective against labor exploitation, Student Union Assembly, Students for a Democratic University, Students for Justice in Palestine (various schools), Sustainable Resource Operations, Take Back the Night, UAW 2865 (various schools), UC Berkeley Alternative Breaks, UCSB El Congreso, UCSD Student Coops, United Afghan Club, United Students Against Sweatshops Local 19, United Students Against Sweatshops, USEU, Women's Commission Alumni, Womyn's Commission, Young Americans for Liberty, ZBT. (NB: This does not mean these organizations have endorsed the petition)