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Illinois Shorthair Rescue -  As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteers, GSPs, and the public’s health and safety are our top priorities. We are accepting applications and actively responding to requests. Due to social distancing guidelines, we are adjusting our adoption process.  Please be patient with us as we process applications while you shelter in place.
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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ISR!
Please note that part of the volunteer approval process is a vet check and a home visit.  Please inform your vet office that IL Shorthair Rescue will be calling.  Thank you for your assistance in expediting the volunteer approval process.
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Please note that as a part of the application process, a volunteer will be calling your vet office for a vet check. Please provide the contact information for your family Veterinarian and advise them that an ISR volunteer will be in contact.
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If you checked one or more of the above, please briefly describe the extent of your work/training experience.
Do you understand that dogs may be unpredictable and that ISR cannot guarantee if a dog we are attempting to rescue may become aggressive? *
Are you willing to assume the risks involved with working with animals who are sometimes frightened and who are in unfamiliar surroundings and the possibility that the dog may experience stress and/or bite you and/or another person and/or your companion animals? *
Are you willing to accept any risk involved in transporting a dog inside your vehicle? *
Do you have a large or giant sized crate to use when fostering or transporting a foster dog? *
Please list 2 personal references. Please let your references know that an ISR volunteer may be contacting them.
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General Volunteer Interest/ Experience Questions:
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Are you interested in fundraising/ events?
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Are you interested in doing home visits for potential adopters, potential volunteers, or potential dog intakes?
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Other areas of assistance in which you would like to assist in volunteering:
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Have you ever participated in obedience training with a dog?
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Do you have any unique skills that you are willing to contribute that were not covered above?
Have you ever or any member of your household been accused or convicted of any cruelty to animals or people? *
If yes, please explain the accusation or conviction.
How did you find out about Illinois Shorthair Rescue?
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