Reader's Advisory for Fulton County Libraries, PA
Need help finding some books to read? We can help with that! Answer these questions and submit it. We'll work on finding some books for you. We will be using our personal reading experiences and Novelist. If you haven't tried Novelist before, you may want to give it a try. You can find Novelist on our digital library page.

Please fill this form out for 1 person at a time. If you are filling it out for multiple people, you can fill it out again for another person. Thank you!
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What are a couple of books you have enjoyed? What did you enjoy about them?
Who are a couple of authors that you really like?
What don't you like? You can submit authors, topics, or more.
If you're looking for kid's literature, what grade level do you want?
About how many books would you like?
Anything else we should know?
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Ok, we will take your responses and request some books for you. We hope you enjoy them!
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