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Part 1: Cool Beans!
Are you available to help write articles, proofread, or translate into Spanish?
Part 2: Up Beet! Seed Libraries Forum
Members need to be approved and initial comments on Up Beets! Seed Libraries Forum need to be approved.
I am willing to help with the Up Beets! forum :
Part 3: Online Courses
We'd like to offer a few online courses next year. What topics would be most helpful to you and your seed library?
I can help with the online classes with:
Part 4: Book Club
We'd like to have a seed librarians book club to help us grow our knowledge. Help us with our selection for our first book.
I have lead book clubs before and/or would be willing to moderate the conversation.
I would be willing to be support to the leader of the book clubs. This might include sending messages out or assisting during the conversation by helping to field questions for the moderator.
Part 5: 2020 Seed Libraries Conference
Every year we host a seed librarians conference at the National Heirloom Expo in September on the Wednesday of the Expo in Santa Rosa, California. We are planning on doing it the Friday of the week of the Expo to allow for a full-day of meeting. We are open to having it in some place besides California in future years when we have more volunteer capacity.
I am willing to help volunteer for the seed library summit. Check ways you can help out, if available.
Option 6: Seed Library Organizing Committee
For several years we had a group of seed libraries that had a conference call monthly to discuss supporting the seed library movement. USC-Canada and Seed Savers Exchange were interested in creating the Community Seed Network and were willing to take over; however, that project hasn't germinated. At this point, we are reactivating an organizing committee and working groups. Let's grow this movement together.
I am interested in helping with:
Part 7: One Million Seed Savers Campaign
The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance started a campaign a few years ago called One Million Seed Savers. We'd love to help germinate this idea across the planet.
I am interested in helping! I can:
Part 8: Other Ideas
Are there other ideas or things that you would like to see the seed library movement do? Are there are other support materials that you would like that are currently not offered or listed above?
Your answer
If you are suggesting a new idea about a project, would you be interested in helping to launch it?
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