Operation: Bless Tabitha - Interest Form
Hello potential applicants, thanks for your interest in becoming an Executive Assistant for our upcoming Large Scale Single Service Project, Operation: Bless Tabitha (tentative date: Dec 2 10am-2pm)! In this project, we'll be cooking food to pass out to the homeless at Tabitha's Blessings, so we'll be cooking A LOT OF FOOD. Truth is that Chad and Naomi have no clue how to cook, and they NEED HELP figuring out what to cook and what ingredients we need to collect and how to evenly distribute tasks to our volunteers. Please let Chad or Naomi if you have any questions/concerns! :) <3

Also, Naomi loves you for even considering to apply!

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Chad and Naomi's goal is to make two appetizers/side dishes, one entree, and a dessert for 300+ people. What sort of recipes/ideas do you have for the menu? (ex: pasta w/Alfredo sauce or chicken Parmesan as an entree, garlic bread for an appetizer, etc. Pls keep in mind pricing!) *
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Whether or not you're selected, would you be interested in being a Single Service intern for Chad and Naomi for the rest of their term (~April 2018)? (your answer won't influence our selection at all!) *
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