Entrepreneurial travel VOYAGE Challenge Application form
Dear VOYAGE Challenger,

We are pleased to invite you to submit the application to VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel programme.

We are selecting only exceptional participants, for this reason, the admission to VOYAGE programme is very competitive and we scrutinize each application carefully. We believe that an experiential travel with intellectual discussions and real-life simulations between participants and VOYAGE team is a necessary ingredient of a successful programme. Therefore, participants are embarking on one of the most significant phases in their life in experiencing environment dedicated to their success and personal as well as professional growth. That’s why the most important criteria for to be selected is MOTIVATION and DEMONSTRATION of entrepreneurial spirit.

We look forward to receive your application for VOYAGE Challenge 2017.

VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel programme consists of:

- 2 weeks of experience in fast track incubator (360 hours)
- 3 months after you return from travel mentoring, coaching, advices

After you graduate from the program you are awarded of 20ECTS credits certificate recognized in as formal diploma and competent crew certificate (hours you spent on the yacht is official recognized).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact VOYAGE team forthwith.

Founder and CEO
Simona Simulyte
Name: *
Please explain why you want to participate in the VOYAGE entrepreneurial travel and what you expect to get out of the experience. *
Please give an example of when you have shown entrepreneurship skills in the past and why you want to develop it further. What are your personal goals? *
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