Glorybound Texas 2018 Volunteer Application
A GloryBound Volunteer helps at the Gathering by serving as a role model and servant leader while working behind the scenes at the Gathering hotel and the off-site experiential center.

Each volunteer will be assigned to work with one or more of the following areas; programs, servant events, spiritual life, or in the experiential center. (Preference will be considered)

Programs- Assist with speakers, bands, and other areas that relate to the mass events and activities happening at the hotel

Servant Events- Assist with the large group and small group servant events by playing a ‘role’ in the poverty simulation or assisting churches with their hands-on service projects.

Spiritual Life- Assist with set-up of prayers station and activities.

Experiential Center- Assist by interacting with youth/churches while they interact with other youth while also ensuring everyone safety.

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Experiential Center
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