Silver Generator & Nebulizer Group-Buy Interest Form - Sept 2019
Please fill out the form below by Sept 10th if you're interested in taking part in this group-buy. Purchasing the Silver Generator and/or Nebulizer through this group buy gives you the chance to purchase these devices at THE LOWEST price possible.

We only do a group buy like this about once per year. The more people that fill out this form, the lower the price will be for everyone so please do share this form with others!

We LOVE having these two valuable devices in our home and know you will too!


Specs for THE SILVER GENERATOR include:

- Creates ionic-nano silver solution found by two different Universities to be molecularly comparable to other popular,
name-brand nano silver's sold in Utah.
- Makes 1/2 gallon in 30-40 minutes!
- Is the only "disaster-proof" silver generator on the market that can run off of either a regular electrical outlet OR a solar
battery that makes up to 30 batches on a full charge.
- Comes with an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO AND BOOKLET to help you know how to use and take care of your machine.
- Makes anywhere from 1ppm to 10+ppm - depending on how strong you'd like to make the solution. (Scientific studies
have found that 5-10ppm is the most effective at protecting the cells from viral invaders).
- The silver plate will never "run out" or need to be replaced.
- We assemble these ourselves and because of this, we're able to offer the generator at the lowest prices out of any nano-
ionic silver generator on the market - especially at the group-buy price.

Ways people use their silver solution include:

Eye infections
Ear infections
Cleaning wounds
Sore throats/throat infections
Wound disinfectant
Surface disinfectant
Immune system support
Bug bites
Sinus infections (via nebulizer or sinus rinse bottle)
and more.


Specs for the Nebulizer include:

Emits less than 5-micron particle size
Uses 2-AA Batteries OR Power cord (it does not come with batteries)
Easy operation for home & office use
Ultra-low noise and high-frequency vibration
One-button operation for easy use
Low battery indicator
Can be used with Albuterol and other asthma treatments
The head can be replaced when it wears out.
Comes with a 1-year warranty. Note: Do not use essential oils in this nebulizer or it will void your warranty.

Reasons to use the nebulizer:

Respiratory infection prevention - bronchitis / pneumonia / other viral or bacterial infections
Respiratory infections
Sinus infections
Sore throats
Moisten nasal cavity



20-29 generators ordered - $185 each
30-39 generators ordered - $175 each
40+ generators ordered - $165 EACH!!!

(Regular price is $195)


5-10 nebulizer's --- $90
11-20 -------------------$85
21-30 -------------------$80
30+-----------------------$75 >>> Lowest price possible!

(Regular price is $95)


PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE WITH OTHERS! The more that order, the lower we are able to offer the generator to everyone signed up for the group-buy.

Here's the link for this sign-up page you can share with others:


***Please FILL OUT THIS FORM BY Sept 10th***. I"ll send you an email reminding you of all the details and what the final price will be.

~Claudia Orgill
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