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Greetings dancers!

I'm sure many of us would love to complete vet trials as quickly as possible, however, we all know how hard it is to get a complete group to run them. So here, we would like to get some detailed information from all of you guys, about your trial roles and availability and certain other things.

A successful trial run requires many things, most importantly a good team that has lots of patience, and it also requires all of its members to show a lot of dedication and determination throughout multiple runs. So if you're really **serious** about the vet trials, please fill out this form as carefully as you can.

Thanks a lot for your help and cooperation! :)

Basic information
Tell us about yourself!
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Your main character's name *
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How many champion points (CPs) do you currently have? *
What race is your main character? *
What class is your main character? *
What kind of build do you prefer? *
What role(s) do you prefer to play? *
Please select all that apply, keeping in mind that you may be asked to switch builds/characters if we're missing a particular role.
Past experience
We'd like to get a good approximation of how "ready" everyone is for veteran trials. Often, many people who want to join are very new to dungeons and trials, and hence need appropriate gear and plenty of experience before they can go ahead.

Not that we don't want to take new people along, but it does slow us down if our tanks are wearing light armor and taunting with a destro staff, or our healers don't even have a restoration staff (true stories!), so please try to answer these as honestly as possible :)

Have you completed any veteran dungeons? *
Or alternatively, are you comfortable doing them?
Have you completed any trials? *
What is your DPS on average? *
For DDs only (select the last option if you're not a DD). Also, no exaggerations please :P
What gear/builds do you typically use for dungeons/trials? *
This one is an important question; please try to be as detailed as possible.
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Are ALL your weapons of legendary quality? *
No, superior or epic weapons are NOT acceptable. ALL weapons must be at CP160 and gold; the extra DPS from the upgrades is very significant.
Just to get an idea of when everyone will be online. Depending on this information, we may conduct normal trials and veteran trials independently for different groups of people.
What days of the week do you normally play? *
How many hours do you play per day on average? *
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What days and times can you join us for trial runs? *
Initially our runs may require you to be present for 2-3 hours (uninterrupted), this will get shorter as we get better. Please also mention what time zone you're in :)
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Voice chat
Joining voice chat is *mandatory* for trials, we will NOT be typing out any instructions in group chat. You don't necessarily have to talk, you can join in just to listen as well. We currently have a very functional Discord server, which is what we'll be using in the future.
Can you join us on voice chat? *
Would you be willing to help organize or conduct trials?
We need people who can do one or more of the following over voice chat - form groups, check group composition and group buffs, explain trial mechanics during runs, give instructions during fights and make sure they go smoothly, etc. These are daunting tasks, but everyone starts from the beginning, and we'll help out as much as we can :)
Anything else you would like to mention?
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