Certified Team Member of the Month Nomination
As part of the "Effective Employees" goal of the Lawrence Public Schools' strategic plan, we want to recognize Certified (licensed) Team Members of the Month for outstanding service. Please rate the employee you wish to nominate in questions 2-6 and provide examples of why this nominee is deserving of recognition in question 7. Click "Submit" when finished.

Thank you for assisting us in recognizing outstanding certified employees!
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This certified employee holds themself accountable for engaging in equitable and culturally responsive practices. *
This certified employee intentionally designs instruction/support based on student needs. *
This certified employee demonstrates creativity and imagination and motivates and inspires students to learn and succeed. *
This certified employee is caring and respectful and has an awareness of students' interests in and beyond school. *
This certified employee has high levels of cognitive energy. *
This certified employee promotes safe and accessible learning for all students, including those with special needs. *
This certified employee engages students in thinking and reasoning. *
This certified employee challenges students to explain their thinking and question the thinking of others. *
This certified employee seizes opportunities to enhance learning/support, building on a spontaneous event or student interest, and successfully adjusts and differentiates instruction/support to address individual student understandings. *
This certified employee's relationships with colleagues are characterized by mutual support and cooperation. This certified employee takes initiative in assuming leadership among the staff. *
This certified employee seeks opportunities for professional development and solicits feedback on best practices from administrators and colleagues. *
This certified employee models integrity and honesty in dealing with colleagues and parents on behalf of students. *
Please provide specific examples related to the above characteristics. Share what makes this certified employee outstanding and deserving of recognition as the Certified Team Member of the Month. *
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