Mobile Collaboration Network Usage Agreement
Cooperative Extension Mobile Collaboration Network

Staff Usage Agreement
The following lists the primary guidelines under which the network will operate. The complete governance document which goes into more depth is available from Cooperative Extension Technology Services.

The Mobile Collaboration Network will be managed by Google Apps for Education. You will use a Google Account in the format of as your Google Account.

The Mobile Collaboration Network allows for remote or “cloud-based” collection and storage of data. As a user of this service I agree to not collect or store on the device or remotely:

Personally identifiable information as defined by Wis. Statute 134.98
- Social Security Number
- Driver’s License Number
- Financial Account Information
- DNA Information
- Biometric Data

Personally identifiable information related to youth under age 13 including
- Full Name,
- Home Address
- Email Address
- Telephone Number
Other information that would allow someone to identify or contact the child.

Accounts found to be collecting personally identifiable information will have the data removed to be in compliance with state and federal law. Repeat occurrences may result in having the account disabled.

Applications and services within the Mobile Collaboration Network allow for end-users to enable eCommerce (financial transactions, e.g. accepting credit card payments) capacity over the Internet. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance must be achieved before any payment capabilities within the Mobile Collaboration Network are enabled. Any account found to be doing ecommerce without being in compliance with PCI standards will be disabled. It will not be re-enabled until the ecommerce is removed or until PCI compliance has been met.

Additional services within Google Apps for Education (e.g. extra disc space) cannot be purchased without prior written approval of UWEX purchasing. Any request for additional services must be coordinated through CE Tech Services.

All information contained within the Mobile Collaboration Network is subject to established University policy and state law in regards to public records and open records requests.

Devices (depending on system configurations) connected to the Mobile Collaboration Network can be remotely wiped by network administrators.

Google accounts of staff no longer employed by Cooperative Extension will be disabled, not deleted. Network administrators may, upon request of the Dean of Cooperative Extension, access data associated with disabled accounts.

Your password will not be the same as the UW-Extension ID. You will not share your Google account password.

By clicking on submit below you agree to abide by these guidelines. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in the Google Account being disabled.

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