2021 Indiana-Brazil Teacher Exchange
Please complete this form to stay abreast of details for this exchange program. For more details about the program, please visit the Bilateral Educator Exchange website (http://bit.ly/beeprogram). The 2021 plans are underway, but the number of serious participants will determine how some of the details can be carried out. You are welcome to share this form and the details with any interested colleagues. Please contact the Indiana program organizer, Jill Woerner at JWInterculturalEd@outlook.com, with any questions or comments if you are from Indiana! [ Se for professora brasileira,(o) contate Roberta atraves roberta@cicidiomas.com.br ]
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Please indicate your desired type of  participation. *Note: Teachers who can commit to both hosting and traveling will be given priority for this program, but many other roles can be needed at times! *
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In your home, can you support various dietary needs? Check all that you can support during the exchange. *
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With which content area would you like to be partnered? (We cannot promise an exact match.) *
What do you do outside of school and during your spare time? In what hobbies/activities do you regularly participate? *
What activities would you propose doing with your partner teacher when he/she is being hosted with you? *
Comment about pairing you with another teacher. What do we need to know? What are your quarks? (Use N/A if you have no comments here.) *
Are you willing to participate in the creation of a unit of study to share with your colleagues during/after this exchange? *
Will your school allow your Brazilian guest come to school with you for the duration of the hosting experience (approximately 2 weeks)? *
What information will your school require to allow you to host a Brazilian exchange teacher? *
Does the ability to receive Professional Growth Hours for this experience influence your decision to participate? *
Are you willing to participate in a book study or series of webinars in preparation for the experience? *
T-shirt/Sweatshirt Size (Unisex sizing) *
Why do you want to participate in the Brazilian/Indiana teacher exchange in 2021? *
Financial Commitment (Please click all that apply.) *
My level of certainty that I will participate in this exchange. *
Please add any additional information that would assist in partnering you with another teacher and sharing with them the housing arrangements during the exchange. (Type N/A if you don't have any additional information.) *
How did you hear about the Bilateral Educator Exchange Program? *
Questions/Comments? (Type N/A if you don't have any questions or comments.) *
Serious candidates from Indiana... Please send Jill Woerner a photo/screenshot/copy of the info/picture page of your passport at JWInterculturalEd@outlook.com.
Professores brasileiros: Indiana in the winter! Are you ready for the snow?
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