Summary&comments on SKRIPSI dealing with morphological study/process/analysis/error
Dear My students attending Mr.Faizal's lecture of Morphology
This is your final task for the Final exam. Please Find out one Skripsi pertaining to Morphological study/process/analysis/error like this for the example:
Skripsi title:Morphological error in the English department students' skripsi introduction
the Link URL/direct link for download:
Please fully read the Skripsi and make 4 pages summary/ringkesan yo cahh and One page of your comments dealing with its INTERESTINGNESS. what is the interestingness?
please find the novelty/aspek kebaruan, research gap and relate it with your daily analysis of English, Indonesian, Javanese, Arabic or whatever language you have mastered at now. Intinya, artikel ini menariknya dimana dan hubungan hal ini dengan pengalaman pribadimu dealing with the advantage/benefit of learning MORPHOLOGY. Dan ingat judul skripsi yang dibuat summary ngga boleh sama dengan temanmu ya...
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