Global Society of Tigray Scholars (GSTS) (ዓለም-ለኸ ማሕበረ-ሰብ ሙሁራን ትግራይ) Call for 2016/2017 Remote Research (Co-)supervision/Mentoring

Since 2011, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars (GSTS), (ዓለም-ለኸ ማሕበረ-ሰብ ሙሁራን ትግራይ) which has been also known as "Tigray Scientific and Academic network (TSAN)" has been actively engaged in academic, research, partnership, technology/knowledge transfer and related activities. The scope of GSTS activities, among others, include providing professional assistance to deserving students, researchers and academicians in our higher academic and research institutions, industries, both in Tigray/Ethiopia as well as in the diaspora.

The aim of such scheme is to contribute for further advancement of quality both education and research activities in our institutions,mainly in high school, college and university levels. One of the active engagement of GSTS is research remote (co-) supervision and consultation service to deserving undergraduate and graduate students, researchers etc, who are currently enrolled in higher learning institutions both in Ethiopia and abroad. This programme has been the most successful in the past two years, in which many graduate students and researchers have been benefited from.

Remote research (co-)supervision is an ideal means to reach and support a broader mass of students and educators through the terrain of interactive support scheme, and to help in alleviating the shortage of qualified research supervisors/mentors in our institutions. Besides, it will be instrumental to build a home-grown opportunity to materialize the professional development strategy of our universities as well as foster knowledge/technology transfer as stipulated in the higher learning institutions’ legislation and guidelines.

In this programme, it is planned that the students and their respective professional supervisors at home will participate in this program via a platform which will be arranged by the joint agreement of the applicants’ home universities/departments, supervisors and GSTS.

Some amongst the many benefits that students/researchers will get via the remote (co-) supervision program include:
- Continuous guidance via virtual means of communication (Skype, Google hang out, etc);
- Assisting in developing research topics, which go in line with the current demands and the students future careers;
- Providing e-educational and research materials (articles, books, software, programs, etc)
- Possibility of working in well-furnished laboratories/institutions via student exchange, guest researcher, institutional partnership, etc;
- Limited financial support (for needy students, particularly for those who are in Ethiopia);
- Facilitating research outcomes to be published in reputable journals;
- Possible future scholarships for higher studies etc;
Hence, we call upon all undergraduate, graduates, as well as Ph.D. students who need assistance under the remote (co-) research supervision program offered by the world class professionals of GSTS members in various fields of studies.
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