September 2020 - COVID Survey
Survey Introduction
We understand that there are different levels of comfort and risk. These are unusual times and they present their own unique challenges. We value the science and the guidance from health experts who offer their wisdom in such matters. We understand that the pandemic impacts different geographical regions differently and that we rely on health organizations like our state and local public health departments to provide current assessments and trends. Joy Lutheran Church leadership is continuously processing information with the primary goal of being as thoughtful and attentive to the health needs of everyone while managing the desire to be together in person as a community of faith. The message continues to be that Joy Lutheran Church is not closed. Ministry is happening in meaningful and different expressions. We appreciate your input with this survey. Although we may not be able to meet everyone’s desires for in-person worship, we are listening. We continue to pray for carefully crafted decisions that respect the uniqueness of each of our situations while balancing our personal needs with our desire to be stewards of the common good and the practice of loving one another.
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