AVP MA Workshop Reporting Form
After each workshop please fill out the form. This information will be used in the AVP Massachusetts database for communication and historical purposes.
Date of workshop *
Level of workshop *
Location of workshop? *
Kind of workshop *
If advanced what was the focus(s) of the workshop?
Lead Facilitator(s): please indicate if any are inside facilitators *
Number of participants completing workshop *
Names of participants (please press the return key after every name) *
Duration of workshop in hours? *
Special factors that affected the workshop (and why?) *
For Prison workshops, were there any notable concerns with doc staff?
For Community workshops, were there any logistical problems or issues particular to the venue?
Please write up any new activity your team devised or tried out that went well. Others may want to try it. *
Did the facilitator team function well? If no, why not? *
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