Histories of Science for/by the People
Historians of science, along with our colleagues in sister disciplines, have vital roles to play in movements to mobilize STEM for social justice. Increasingly, historians of science have ceased writing “origin stories” that justify our existing knowledge systems as the inevitable results of steady progress over time. Instead, we highlight how ideas and practices have differed across time and space, and thus the contingency of our current situations. Any work that opens our minds to the variety of past experiences, and thus the range of possibilities before us, serves the work of social and political transformation. But some scholars take a more direct approach. We trace the roots of current systems of exploitation and injustice, helping to explain how we got into the messes we find ourselves in… and how we might get out. We document activist struggles to ensure that new generations can build and improve on the work of their predecessors. We map out activist scholarly agendas. And we write people’s histories of science that recognize the contributions of farmers, workers, hobbyists, and others to the knowledge we collectively share.

To this effort, we are developing a bibliography of writing in the historical and social study of science and technology that can (or has) inform(ed) the work of justice movements. We strive to compile this resource collaboratively, and offer this form for anyone to contribute suggested readings. The list will therefore grow with member input over time and create a more comprehensive sample of relevant scholarship.
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