Great Shape! Inc. SuperKids Literacy Project in Jamaica: Volunteer Application... Skills to Read, Power to Lead
Dear Potential SuperKids Volunteer:

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering on the Great Shape! Inc. SuperKids Literacy Project 2023.

The "SuperKids Literacy Project Application/Intake Form" is now accepting applications for 2023 as our project season is just beginning. What an amazing and impactful year it will be! The dates listed on form are "Requested" dates, we will let you know if any changes are made on dates.

Our 2023 dates are:

Week 1: September 7  -  16, 2023
Week 2: September 16 - September 25, 2023
Week 1 & 2: September 7  -  September 25, 2023
To join our email list ,and be kept up to date with the latest Great Shape! news please email: or

You can also check our website ( for the latest updates or contact Georgene ( or 541-821-61821) if you are interested in volunteering in 2022!

SuperKids is an instructional literacy enrichment program including: Language Arts/Reading, Computer Skills, Art, Music & Sports. Project Dates: Soon Come!

Project fee: $850  (1 or 2 wks). Volunteers pay their own airfare. The project fee is “how we make it happen” and includes shipping supplies from Miami to Jamaica to use and distribute in the schools. Volunteers are responsible for any necessary shipping fees from their hometown to Miami.

Great Shape! Inc. SuperKids Literacy Project Co-Directors:
Georgene Crowe, Admin/Logistics/Registration:, 541-821-6182  
Brad Adams, Computer/IT Team:, 509-629-1905
Kait Fairchild, Language Arts/Reading:, 541-951-3162
Rick Chiado, Curriculum Manager:, 925-457-4927
Gretchen Lee, Project Advisor, 541-301-5619
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Reminder: We have approval for our projects.  Great Shape! Inc. will follow all protocol & restrictions of the MOEYI. *
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I am a certified teacher, have a degree in teaching or other college degree. Please describe below. *
(Teaching certification is not required for any volunteers, teachers can be retired)
Why are you interested in volunteering with Great Shape! Inc. SuperKids Literacy Project in Jamaica? *
You are required to attend organization training sessions in best instructional methods, Great Shape! Inc. policies on cultural diversity, volunteer rules and overall expectations.Training sessions will assist you in your volunteer experience. *
 Please check your top 3 choices in volunteer areas: your first choice lists the area you are most interested in serving.- *
We do our best to align your skills and interests with your project duties but we cannot guarantee any posting.
Computer Skills
Computer IT
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Describe grade or age level and dates of experience you have working with children. *
(Experience is not required, but this information is essential for our assignent process.) Note any "other" degree
All Volunteers agree will need to organize and send  lesson plans to Directors before the project. *
 Will you need assistance with lesson plans?
Have you volunteered or worked with other culturally diverse organizations &/or Great Shape! Inc. in the past? *
What interests you about working with people who are culturally different, whether by color, religion, class, sex, gender, physically, mentally, etc.? *
Please give a brief description of your experience and in what capacity you worked.
Please list 3 references *
Name, Relationship, Time Known, Email, Phone Number
Great Shape! Inc. has permission to run a background check on me and verify the references I have provided. By checking the boxes below I affirm I have answered all questions truthfully. I understand if any portion of this application is found to be intentionally false, I may be denied the right to volunteer for Great Shape! Inc. *
Check boxes below to acknowledge acceptance
Media Release *
During the course of the project you may be photographed and/or videotaped by our staff, hotel sponsors, Ministry of Education, media or others. You must choose to allow or deny Great Shape! Inc. PR & Communications publications in support of our programs. By granting permission you may hereby release and hold harmless Great Shape! Inc. from any claims, judgements, or demands that may arise from the use of above referenced photographs or videotapes.
I agree to follow dress code: Women, absolutely no spaghetti straps, leggings, jeans or revealing tops.Sundresses & skirts must be knee length,culottes or loose capris and sleeveless tops are acceptable. Men: cotton shirts, polo shirts, khakis. Longer shorts are acceptable for sports team & IT team. *
Please explain any health limitations you may have *
 Medical History: All information is kept confidential and will only be shared with medical personnel if needed while on SuperKids Literacy Project.
Please explain any health limitations,restrictions orsleep issues/habits (Incl. sleep apnea, stay out late/rise early, etc.for room assignments)   *
Medical History: All information is kept confidential and will only be shared with medical personnel if needed while on SuperKids Literacy Project.
Do you need a lower level room? *
Please list allergies to any food, medicine or substance below:
(leave blank if you have no issues)
Travel and work in the developing nation can be physically and emotionally taxing. Is there anything Great Shape! Inc. should know in order to ensure a successful experience for you? *
Please list any items of concern in the text box below:
 Room accomodations for each volunteer will be three people per room. By checking below volunteers indicate their understanding that they will be sharing a room and they will be flexible and understanding in dealing with roommates. *
If you are traveling/serving as a couple or friends, please register early to be considered for a room together. We do our best to accomodate couples, there are a limited number of rooms that can be secured by paying 3rd project fee.
 The schools in Jamaica are underfunded and lack basic school supplies such as pencils, paper, tape, glue, etc. All supplies used on project & distributed to schools. *
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