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To our Catholic Healthcare Community:

As Catholics living and working in the State of New Hampshire, we are proud to have a hospital on the West Side of Manchester that delivers clinical excellence in a manner that is consistent with our beliefs. Catholic Medical Center carries out Christ’s healing ministry by offering health, healing and hope to every individual who seeks care at CMC. This care is delivered to everyone— especially the most vulnerable of our neighbors—with compassion, honoring human dignity and contributing to the common good as Christ calls on all of us to do.

We believe that combining with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health will help CMC to become even stronger without compromising its Catholic identity or mission. It will allow more Catholics from across the state to access mission-driven care that aligns with our values. This proposal, which seeks to join two health systems, is unlike past attempts to affiliate CMC with non-Catholic partners. All of the hospitals in the new system will keep their unique missions and continue to be managed by their local boards and leadership teams. Most importantly, this proposal maintains and protects the independent authority that the Bishop of Manchester currently has over CMC. Preserving the Bishop’s role is vitally important to insure and preserve CMC’s Catholic identity and values.

CMC already partners with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health in many ways. CMC’s services, like its Mom’s Place and the NaProTECHNOLOGY-based Women’s Wellness & Fertility Center, are strong today thanks to CMC’s collaboration with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health. In fact, since Dr. Joseph Pepe has been President and CEO, CMC’s Catholic identity has become stronger than ever, offering more services that affirm the quality of Catholic health care and the dignity of human life from conception through natural death, and creating a culture where Christ’s love and presence is truly and proudly felt.

We believe that CMC, under the leadership of Dr. Pepe and the support of the Bishop of Manchester, Peter Libasci, is pursuing this combination because it is in the best interests of CMC’s patients and presents the opportunity to further expand and sustain Catholic health care throughout New Hampshire.

Mark Attorri
Adele Boufford Baker
Dr. Sarah Bascle
Richard Bunker
Dr. Jeffrey Calegari
Dr. Karen Calegari
Dr. Robert Capodilupo
Dr. Robert Catania
Ron Covey
Dr. Sylvio Dupuis
Thomas Farrelly
Dr. Michael Gilbert
Ovide Lamontagne
Nancy Malo
Paul Mertzic
Dr. Stephen Michaud
Bob O'Sullivan
Dr. Jennifer Packard
Dr. Alfredo Perez
Buddy Phaneuf
Brian Quirk
Mike Reed
Dr. Paul Sansone
Linda Sirak
Jillian Wolcott
Keri Degen
Timothy Wolcott
Allyson LeGacy, APRN, NP-C
Roger Dorval
Tasha Hubicki
Christine Eno
Dr Robert Larkin
Suzanne Avella
Michelle McQuarrie
Holly Mailloux
Kimberly Herrera
Michelle Brown
Debra Lemire
Matthew Kfoury
Charlene Forcier
Kenneth D. McGovern Jr.
Lori Dodge
Joy Bellemare
Robert Gossett
Joseph Graham
Jo-Anne Manson
Dr Jonathan Eddinger
Fr Patrick SULLIVAN O.S.B.
H. Andy Crews
Kayla Fitzgerald
Pat Farrell
Ashley Conley
Larry Gammon (I believe this will ensure the availability of necessary health service in our community for many years to come.)
Ben Gamache
Diane Kobrenski
Crystal Fortin
Brittany Perron, PA-C
Rick Gore
Jennifer Cassin
Lindsay Kaled
Amy Pratte
Christine Dubois
Jarrod Campbell
Emily Gaudette
Anne Van Hirtum
Virginia Folan
Maria Mongan
Lisa Young
Tara M. Sargent
Beth Samson
Sue Vachon
Paula Kocur
Lu Mulla
Pamela Diamantis
Brian Cusson
Ronald J. Rioux
Rep. David J. Danielson
Geoff Vercauteren
Thomas Della Flora
Jason E. Cole
Kathy Rivet
Timothy Soucy
Bonnie McGuire
Kerijo Larochelle, RN
Liz Feren
Elizabeth Reed
Terry Beauvais
Maggie Pilotte
John G. Cronin
Deanna Rice, RN
Matt Albuquerque
Arthur W. Sullivan
Timothy Riley
Rose Marie Phillips
Matthew Sheehan
Deacon Richard Shannon
Jessica Arvanitis
Nicole Matera
Amanda Soares
John Matera
Jennifer Torosian
Fior Perez
Yvonne B LeBlanc RN
Tom Blonski
Jeanne Bailey-Clemans
Edward Dudley
Kathy Mireault
Janet Frongillo
Samantha Nowakowski
Jennifer Pitre
Ed Cantlin
Anastasia Luby
Marcy Rushford
Gretchen Mathieu
Tessa Vinnacombe
Dawn Wrobel
Heidi Cole
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