ChemB S18 Feedback Survey
Feedback is helpful in making this class better for the next group of kids. Complete this anonymous form and show me the completion page for a piece of candy and my appreciation.
How much did you like the class? *
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How much did you learn? *
A little more than nothing
How hard was the class? *
I lost a lot of sleep over this
What was your favorite memory of this class? *
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Who was your favorite teacher this year? *
This isn't a popularity contest, I just want to know what faculty impressed you this year. If you were going to put my name down, put your 2nd favorite teacher instead. I want to schedule a time to observe these teachers for next year and take notes.
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Do you have any other advice or comments? *
I value your opinions and try to implement suggestions for the next year. Do you think I should be more strict? Should I use more book work? Should I force notes? Let me know!
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