Supporting COVID-19 relief efforts in our communities
Please fill out the application to request grant for your charity to help support COVID-19 Relief Efforts
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Non-Profit Organization Description and Mission: Information about the office location of the organization that will be involved in carrying out the activities that will be funded by the requested grant. Include the organization’s nature and activity which may be the same as the articles of formation or mission statement *
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Grant Decision and Reporting Requirements
1. Grant Award Decision will be made by the Board of Directors of Heartfulness Institute (HFI). You will be notified of the decision within 2 weeks of the application
2. Grantee agrees to terms and conditions of HFI on approval of grant and deliver to HFI a final report consisting of a narrative section and a financial section. The narrative section must include (1) a short statement confirming that the tangible output or other project goal included in the proposal has been completed, and whether the project has resulted in any additional outcomes, (2) an explanation of how each project goal or objective as set forth in the proposal was met, (3) a description of how well project goals were met, according to the metrics set forth in the proposal, (4) a summary of any lessons learned from the project, and (5) other matters reasonably requested by HFI
The financial section must (1) include financial statements detailing how all grant funds were expended, and (2) account for all categories in the proposed budget. The final report within 180 days from the disbursement of grant funds.
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