Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relief & Recovery Application
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The following funders in Palm Beach County have joined together to establish a coordinated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Relief & Recovery application process:

• Allegany Franciscan Ministries
• Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County
• Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
• Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
• Lost Tree Foundation
• Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund
• Quantum Foundation
• United Way of Palm Beach County

Funding Priorities include:
• Emergency food, shelter and other basic needs
• Expansion of service capacity related to increased demand for direct services
• Access to health care services for uninsured and underinsured clients
• Technology and other resources to allow your organization to continue to provide services
• Reimbursement of lost revenue

Because we may receive a high volume of requests for these funds, applicants are advised that we do not expect to be able to cover all funding requests; and we may not be able to fund the full amount of each request. However, we are committed to make the best use of available resources to address the highest priority needs. To address these concerns, applicants are limited to nonprofit organizations providing services to Palm Beach and/or Martin County residents.

Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and awards will be made periodically. Currently there is no application deadline.

Funding will be made directly from the participating funder to the applicant agency. Final funding decisions and reporting requirements are exclusively the purview of the participating funder.

DO NOT separate your request into 2 applications. Each organization is only allowed to submit 1 APPLICATION.


Please contact one of the following:

Randy Palo, Director of Program, Children's Service Council of Palm Beach County, 561-374-7595

Alexandra Boyle, Community Impact Assistant, Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, 561-340-4513
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DO NOT separate your request into 2 applications. Each organization is only allowed to submit 1 APPLICATION.
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(Example: cancellation of fundraising events, increased demand for services, need for more staff, etc.)
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If you are requesting funds for CLIENT SERVICES, briefly describe the services to be delivered and the breakdown of funds. If not, type N/A. *
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This includes technology needs, staff time, and lost revenue. If you are not requesting any, please type 0. DO NOT TYPE N/A.
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This is informational only. Funding from one or none of the below does not preclude you from this current funding cycle.
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