Downtown Mess Around Participant
On Friday, September 6th, downtown businesses are invited to participate in Bright Walls' Downtown Mess Around. We encourage you to offer Bright Walls promotions that also promote your business.

Use this form to tell us how you will be participating so we can promote your business during the Bright Walls Mural Festival!

To ensure you are included in our online promotions, please complete this form by Friday, August 23rd.

If you have any questions about participating, please contact Kaiti McDonough at 517-812-5122 or Jacqueline Austin at 517-414-7890.
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Will you be providing a Bright Walls Promotion to festival goers? *
Required to be included in promotions.
If Yes, what will you be offering?
i.e. a new Bright Walls branded product, a discount
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Will this promotion be available throughout the entire festival?
If you are offering it throughout the entire festival, we recommend you do the majority of your promotion to coincide with Friday, September 6th or start the promotion that day.
Will you be offering any different promotion for Bright Walls Badge holders? *
Not required. If you offer something, you don't have to do something for all levels.
If Yes, what will you be offering at which badge levels?
i.e. Artists & Team = 10% discount; Partners & Volunteers = 5% discount
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Will this promotion be available throughout the entire festival?
If you are offering different promotions based on badge levels, use a print out of the badges and write the promotions on it. Put it at your check-out counter so your staff knows what you are offering!
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