C101 - Email
Per day, 190 billion emails are delivered around the world. The average office worker gets 121 emails per day. Uber engineers, who knows? There must be at least a few good emails in there, right?
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On an average day, I spend this much time reading and sending email:
I routinely check my work email outside of work times on my mobile phone:
When writing email, I focus on formatting, adding inline links, and adding supportive materials such as charts or images.
I feel like I miss important emails from time to time as I just get too many of them.
My current work email inbox contains this many unread messages (see Gmail inbox):
I heard of the concept "Inbox Zero":
I practice "Inbox Zero":
I use todo apps, such as Google Keep:
When sending emails, I use a methodical approach to selecting my audience, defining the goal of the email, and the process of writing my messages.
This week I composed and sent out this many emails (see Gmail Sent):
I effectively use email filters to reduce my inbox size:
On a scale of 1 to 10, my mastery of effectively using email for communication is:
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