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We are using this form to collect information about all of the important labor we contribute at NMSU and to start to prepare for our legal case. NMSU is claiming that graduate workers are not workers and that the work we do provides no value to the university. We know that NMSU wouldn't function on a day to day basis without the hundreds of graduate workers who teach, grade, conduct research, and more.
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NMSU is trying to argue that we are not employees. Please state your job title and describe in as much detail as possible the work that you do for your assistantship during an average work week - including any work you regularly perform that is not described in your assistantship description. If you have several assistantships, list your job titles and describe all of you assistantships. *
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We want to share specifics about the work we do and the value it adds to NMSU to build support from the broader NMSU community, general public, and elected leaders
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