Membership Fee Reduction Form
Resident Members may apply for a Membership Fee Reduction (MFR) to reduce the cost of the monthly meal plan. The MFR program discounts the meal plan price by 10% for each 7 day (consecutive) period of absence within a calendar month. By opting for MFR, students lose the tax exemption on meals and owe GST on the remaining fees.

For an estimate of how much your meal plan will be reduced, please see the MFR schedule here:

Participation in the meal plan is a fundamental part of living at Green College and is mandatory for all residents and guests. The Membership Fee Reduction program allows members to ease their financial responsibilities in a way that:
* Retains the understanding that participation in the meal plan is expected and mandatory,
* Sustains the operation of the GCDS for the benefit of all members, holding members equally responsible for covering at minimum the fixed operating costs of dining operations
* Maintains tax compliance and is simple to administrate
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