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Pet Ownership
Establishing the opinion and needs of pet owners.
If you don't mind telling me you name, please insert it here. Thank you.
What age category do you fit into?
Can you please tell me, if you are:
Are you...
Do you live in the UK? If not please specify country.
Please tell me the area in the UK that you live, e.g Basingstoke, Reading, London.
Do you currently own a pet?
If you do not currently own a pet but have done so in the past, please can you specify the animal/s, e.g. dog, cat, rabbit.
What animals do you currently own?
If you do not currently own any animals are you looking to get a pet within the next year?
Do you know approximately how old your pet (or pets) are? Type here, e.g Dog - 7, Rabbit - unknown
Where did you get your pet from?
Do you use local businesses for your pet products or do you shop online?
Is your pet registered with a local vet?
Do you have pet insurance? (if so, please specify the company you use)
Do you have a preference to which food you buy for your pet?
Is there a specific brand of food that you favor? Please state the brand here:
Why do you prefer this brand to others on the market?
Do you currently use any services, such as dog walkers, boarders or grooming companies?
Are you looking to get any/more pets in the near future? If yes, will it be:
When you go on holiday or away, who do you rely on to take care of your pets?
Do you ever use social media or forums to ask questions or research problems with your pet or even look for reviews on products?
Would you ever consider using a new local company for pet services? such as a Pet Hotel – if so what specific facilities would you like to see offered?
If a local company offered drop in services for your pets whilst you are away would you be willing to use such a service? What about collection/drop off for pets to reduce stress on yourself and your pet at the anguish of leaving you/them behind?
Have you ever bought your pet a present?
Do you often buy your pet a present on impulse?
Lastly, if there was any service you could want or need in you area, what would it be?
Thank you very much for taking the time to help me with my research.
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