Litmus Fest - application form
Application form for Litmus Fest from Mon 26th Sept - Sun 2nd Oct 2016
Submissions close on Mon 16th May at 10am
What we are offering:
- 2 weeks of development time in either our New Room, White Room or StageSpace (subject to availability, and can be spread out between the 8th August and 18th September or booked in one chunk)
- 2 days of technical experimentation during the week beginning 19th September
- 1 day to get in, tech and dress the show followed by 2 public performances
- Access to our duty technician who will oversee and support your technical time with us (you will still need to provide your own technician/operator though)
- Guidance and mentoring from the Pleasance team

What the companies who are part of the festival will provide:
- A need to develop a specific part of their practice
- A 30-60mins work-in-progress performance for the public, to be presented for 2 nights during week beginning Mon 19th Sept
- Any props or set pieces needed for their performance
- A technician/operator for their performance

Name of Company / Artist
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Lead contact
Name, telephone and email
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Names and roles of the other people involved
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In no more than 3,750 characters (roughly 500 words), tell us about the piece of work you are looking to develop as part of Litmus Fest
We are interested to know what the piece is about, the style and form of it, and what stage of development its at.
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In no more than 3,750 characters (roughly 500 words), what do you hope to get out of the Litmus Fest?
Is there a specific element of your project that you're looking to develop and get feedback on from an audience.
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In no more than 3,750 characters (roughly 500 words), why will you benefit from 2 weeks of R&D on this project?
We are specifically looking to find out why a separate R&D period would be of benefit on top of the main rehearsal period for the project.
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How do you imagine you would structure your 2 weeks of R&D?
We know that this will be subject to change but we are interested to hear about your process. How you plan to develop your ideas in that time? Whether you imagine you'd like to break up the 2 weeks over the whole 6 week period on offer, or work for 2 consecutive weeks?
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Please provide a biography for your company and/or the artists involved
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Please provide any supporting pictures or video links here
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Would you be hoping to present your findings in the Main House or the StageSpace, and why?
We are looking to find out whether you would see your work best suited to the Main House (capacity of 260 with a 10m x 8m stage) or the StageSpace (capacity of 54 with a 5m x 5m stage). See more info on the website here -
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Additional supporting documents...
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Additional supporting documents...
If you would like to provide any further documentation to support your application e.g. a script, please email it to
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