2018 Easton's Cause Festival Beneficiary Nomination Form

"There once was a little boy who inspired the community." could not be a more fit slogan for us. At only 7.5 months old Easton brought the community together when he passed away unexpectedly. Together the community created fundraisers to help out Easton's father as he had to deal with all of the financial hardships that come along with losing a child. One of the more successful fundraisers was the "EAB Memorial Softball Tournament". Because of it's success, Easton's family decided to continue this event every year in Easton's memory. Thus the beginning of Easton's Cause.


Each year the Easton's Cause committee chooses one family to represent Easton's Cause and serve as the beneficiary at the Easton's Cause Festival. This is typically a child with a family who has limited resources but a great support system. If you know anyone in the area that would be a great candidate please nominate them below. Please keep in mind that the event will not take place until the end of July 2018 so someone with an immediate need only may not be the best fit.

Please note. We do not raise money for the following reasons:

- Other Charities (starting out or previously established)
- Research for specific diseases
- Rec/Sports teams of any sort
- Gravestones

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