Live Counseling Guidelines and Parent Permission Form- Sixteenth Avenue School
First and foremost, we hope this correspondence finds you and your families safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. As we begin this school year remotely, the school district will provide counseling services through a combination of live Google Meet or Zoom sessions and resources posted through Google Classroom and counselor websites. We want to ensure that several guidelines are followed in order to promote the best experiences for students, families, and staff.
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A parent/guardian must be present in order for live counseling sessions to take place. If another family member is present, they must be 18 years of age or older. While an adult is present, we want to be clear that they should not make themselves a part of the session as counseling, by its nature, should be confidential between the student and counselor. *
Parents understand that live counseling sessions are a time when conversations between parents and counselors will not be allowed. If you would like to speak to your child’s counselor, please reach out through Google Classroom or email in order to set up a private conversation. *
Students should be in a comfortable, but structured setting that is free from loud noises and undue interruptions (i.e. a table or a desk). *
Confidentiality still applies for virtual counseling sessions. Recording of live counseling sessions is expressly forbidden and will carry disciplinary action. *
Parents acknowledge that, in the event of a group counseling session, other students will be able to view their child as live counseling sessions are taking place. *
Counseling sessions will be implemented utilizing a combination of scheduled sessions and the ability for the student to “drop-in” during office hours organized by the counselors. Parents understand that their child will be invited to a session, at a specific time using the Google Meet or Zoom platform, to implement live counseling. It is our expectation that these meetings will start on time. If a parent and student have not logged in 10 minutes, after the scheduled start time, the counselor will log off. While we will do our best to reschedule the session, other obligations may prevent the counselor from doing so. *
Students are expected to behave in the same respectful manner described in our code of conduct. Should any student display disruptive or offensive behavior they will immediately be exited from the live session by the counselor. *
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