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We are VERY appreciative of your willingness to help the CHAP Chariots Volleyball Program continue to grow and develop by sacrificing your time and energies to pour into our student athletes! :) Please take a few minutes to let us know about yourself, your experience, your availability, your preferences, and your heart, so that we can place our volunteers in the positions where they fit best! We are looking first and foremost for individuals who are excited about discipling these athletes and helping them grow in their relationships with Christ through volleyball. We are also seeking those who want to help build the CHAP Volleyball program as a whole, contributing to the long-term health and development of a strong homeschool athletic program, Elementary thru Varsity levels.
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If yes, please list all names, ages, and probable teams of those related to you who will also be involved in CHAP Volleyball:
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Following is a list of factors we are considering in selecting our coaches: 1) SPIRITUALLY MATURE & GROWING-- able to regularly share applicable Scriptures and tie Biblical principles to the learning of the game of volleyball; willing to lead devotions & prayer time with their team, and make development of Christlike character in both self and players a primary focus. Please comment briefly on your Christian faith and how it will impact your coaching: *
2) RELATIONALLY STRONG- interacts well with players, parents, & other coaches; good role model & communicator; a team player, who sees self as part of the larger CHAP VB coaching staff. Please comment briefly on your relational skills: *
3) PRACTICALLY SKILLED- Knowledgeable of the game of volleyball and able to teach it well; some previous playing and/or coaching experience would be helpful . Please comment on your volleyball background and any previous coaching experience: *
4) AVAILABLE- Able to commit to the season's schedule and be at the vast majority of their team's practices, games, and tournaments; not overly committed to other responsibilities. Please comment briefly on your availability during the months of August, September, and October 2021: [NOTE: We understand that everyone will have some conflicts and have no problem with that! Therefore we desire to provide every team with a head, and an assistant coach, and parent volunteers who can step in when needed. We will provide a detailed calendar with scheduled practice and game times very soon, but as a general rule, the older the team, the more time required...] *
5) TEACHABLE- A student of the game themselves, seeking to improve, learn more, and receive helpful input; willing to humbly receive instruction and direction from AD, CHAP Board, other coaches, or individuals who may be more knowledgeable &/or experienced. Please comment briefly on your willingness to be taught, as well as to teach: *
Please comment on how long you see yourself committing to serve as a part of the CHAP Volleyball coaching staff-- God-willing, of course! (In other words, would this be a one-season/ three month commitment, or are you willing & able to look beyond this season to the future of our program, where you see yourself participating next year, too? Or for the next 3 years or 5 years, etc?) *
Do you have any additional comments? Or any questions to ask or concerns you'd like to express?
Please list one spiritual reference: (Spiritual References could include your pastor, discipler, small group leader, or anyone who knows you well and has played a part in your faith journey and spiritual development.) Please list: NAME, POSITION/TITLE, RELATIONSHIP, EMAIL, & TELEPHONE *
Please list one professional or athletic reference: (This could include anyone for whom or with whom you've worked, or played volleyball, who could recommend you as a volleyball coach.) Please list: NAME, POSITION/TITLE, RELATIONSHIP, EMAIL, & TELEPHONE *
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