JUMP18 Formulario pa inscribi/ JUMP18 Registration Form

Masha danki pa bo interes den e programa JUMP18!

Aki bou bo persona por inscribi pa e wachtlijst pa medio 2023. Ora nos haya e fecha definitivo nos lo tuma contacto cu bo persona pa e pre-screening.

Participation den e programa ta gratis y lo tuma luga den grupo di 18 mucha. 

Criteria pa participa:
1. E mayornan y e mucha mester ta motiva pa cambia nan estilo di bida
2. E mucha mester ta classifica cu sobre peso of obesitas
3. E mucha mester tin AZV valido

JUMP18 ta un programa di seis luna cu ta enfoca riba e desaroyo di un estilo di bida sostenibel y saludabel pa muchanan (entre 4-18 aña) cu tin sobre peso of obesitas y nan mayornan/voogd.

E programa ta inclui:
1. Un consulta pa luna riba diasabra cu un pediatra, dietista y casemanager (Diasabra entre 8:30-1pm)
2. Un consulta telefonico cu un casemanager cada dos siman
3. Plan di alimentacion pa diferente grupo di edad
4. Lesnan di ehercicio den un grupo, 3 biaha pa siman (Dialuna, Diaranson y Diabierna entre 5:30-7:30)
5. Workshops den un grupo cada dos siman durante luna 2-6 di e programa (Diamars entre 6-7:30)


Thank you for your interest in JUMP18! 

Below you can register for the waitlist of the pre-screening for the next round of JUMP18.  We are planning to start with a new cohort mid 2023. We will send an email for the pre-assessment when the official starting date has been set. 

Participation is free and takes place in batches of 18 children per group. 

Participation criteria:
1. The parents and children need to be motivated to change their lifestyle
2. The child needs to be classified as overweight or obese
3. The child needs to have a valid AZV card

JUMP18 is a 6-month program aimed to help overweight/obese children (ages 4-18) and their parents/caregivers develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The program includes:
1. One monthly consultation on Saturdays with a pediatrician, dietician, and case manager (Saturdays between 8:30-1pm)
2. Biweekly phone consultations with a case manager
3. Meal plan for different age groups
4. Group workout sessions 3x per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 5:30-7:30 pm)
5. Biweekly group workshops throughout months 2-6 (Tuesday between 6-7:30 pm)

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Nomber y fam di e mayor(nan) di e mucha/ Name and last name of the child’s parents *
Nomber y fam di e mucha/ Name and last name of the child *
Fecha di nacemento di e mucha/ Date of birth of the child *
Haltura (den meter) di e mucha/ Child's height *
Cuanto e mucha ta pisa (den kilo)? / How much does the child weigh? *
Nomber di e huisarts di e mucha  *
E mucha ta of a wordo diagnostica cu un condicion cu lo por ta relevante pa tene na cuenta? Has the child been diagnosed with a condition  in the past that might be relevant for us to know?
Motivacion ta un criteria hopi importante den nos programa. Describi den algun palabra dicon abo como mayor y/of e mucha mes ta motiva pa forma parti di e programa JUMP18? / Motivation is a very important criteria to participate in our program. Describe why you and/or your child want to participate in JUMP18? *
Email adres/ Email address *
Number di telefon/ Phone number *
Bo persona tin preguntanan pa nos?/Do you have any questions for us?
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