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Dear Students!!

Greetings from Campus Television Media House !!
Campus Television is an online Educational Contributory Media

Join Campus Television as a Producer, Director, Model, Anchor, Presenter, Debater, Actor/Actress, Editor, Volunteer, Script Writer and establish your career as a Star of the Country in different marketing professions focusing on your hidden innovations and creativeness in the following categories:

a. Traditional Marketing
b. Electronic Marketing
c. Social Media Marketing
d. Digital Marketing

You are to do:
• Frame your innovations and thoughts by creating maximum 5 minutes video.
• The theme of your video: “Academic Social Responsibility”
• Spread your creations around the whole world through and all Daffodil’s Media and network.

From each Clip of your innovation, you can win cash reward up to 1, 00,000 BDT/= as the token of appreciation from Daffodil International University.
After your registration, you will be groomed up by DIU Media Lab and Campus Television support team for the following actions:

• Short-Film
• Drama
• Advertisement
• Script-writing
• And Others

You are also welcome to set your career @ Campus Television in the following positions:
• Full-time
• Part-time
• Volunteer

Think again and believe on “An Idea Can Change Your Life” how one casual song of a child has changed his life with unbelievable name, fame and rewards through the social Medias which one is “মধু কই কই বিষ খাওাইলা”.
Please choose the topics those will focus on Academic Social Responsibility with awareness and supports for unfortunate, deprived and disadvantaged people, activities and facts of corruptions and etc.

Contact: (For any support)
+8801847140089, +8801811458842

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Last Date of Registration: November 6, 2016

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