Your Turn to Name the Study!
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Help us name the MPN Clinical Study on Fatigue!
Time to pull together MPN Community-we need your opinions!

The MPN Quality of Life Group is excited to announce the launch of a new large-scale clinical trial evaluating how MPN-related fatigue is impacted by currently available treatments. The study will be comparing pharmacological stimulants to non-pharmacological approaches (such as yoga & meditation).

This one of a kind investigation aims to unite the MPN patient and family community including members of the MPN Education Foundation, the CMPD Education Foundation, MPN Forum, MPN Research Foundation, MPN Advocacy, MPN Research Consortium and others.

And as this study belongs to the MPN community, we have decided to let you name it!

So please join in the fun and choose your favorite title from the list below, or feel free to write one in. Our panel of judges composed of clinicians and patients will review your selections and reveal the winner online. Best of luck!

Please choose your favorite trial name (or create your own).
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