Gifted and Talented Parent Survey
Dear Parent/Guardian,
It’s that time again! As we wrap up the 2018-19 school year we are asking you to take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. The purpose of this survey is to gather information concerning gifted and talented. Your feedback is valuable for the future of our program. Please complete the survey by Friday, May 10, 2019.
Thank you,
Beth Patrick and Krista Pierce
What school (s) does your child attend?
I am familiar with my child's gifted identification areas.
I have received a copy of my child's Gifted Service Plan (GSSP).
I am familiar with the programs/classes in which my child can participate to enhance or build his/her talents.
The district keeps parents informed about gifted opportunities.
I can contact the gifted department with questions and concerns I may have related to the development of my child.
In general, rigor and challenge are a part of my child's daily work.
My child's social and emotional needs related to being gifted are addressed at school.
I clearly understand the process oh how my child was identified for the gifted and talented program in Pulaski County Schools. This process is explained on the district website under the Curriculum, Gifted and Talented tab.
Overall, I am satisfied with the opportunities provided for my child through the Pulaski County Schools.
I have accessed the Gifted and Talented website at least once during this past school year.
I have received a One Call Now message pertaining to an activity in gifted education.
I have attended one of the gifted and talented parent meetings this school year.
Is there a specific activity/opportunity you would like the Gifted Education Department to provide to better meet your child's gifted and talents? Please explain
Your answer
What experiences has your child had in our gifted and talented program that you thought were especially helpful for his/her growth and development?
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Do you have any suggestions of activities you would like the Pulaski County Gifted Education Department to consider implementing in the future?
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