San Diego Countywide Indivisible Chapter Questionnaire
Dear Countywide Indivisible Leaders,

My name is Tama Becker-Varano, Outreach Coordinator for our recently created countywide Indivisible events team. Not only does my new role involve new member outreach and recruitment, but it also involves offering, to the best of my ability, new subscribers with an accurate selection of Indivisible groups near their community.

Our team collected names, email addresses, and zip codes from over 300 people at the 2018 San Diego Women's March. Over 80 of these names were collected via our new offline digital membership form. We continue to collect names at local events. Each new subscriber receives a countywide welcome email and four follow up emails with helpful tips on activism.

The ultimate goal is to direct them to YOU for continued involvement. Please help me update our Indivisible countywide database by answering the following questions. After this task is completed, I will begin sending out a list of potential new members for various groups to contact and invite to join or learn more about your group.

I understand there will be some overlap. Remember, we are not competing with each other. It is important to let the new member decide where they want to settle, should they have a preference. I am encouraging them to check out various groups to find what works for them (meeting date, involvement, skills, etc.)

This format is unfolding as we go. Your input in developing a responsive and functioning outreach system is welcome. Questions and feedback can be directed to

What is your group's name? *
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Is your group interested in having the SD Countywide Indivisible outreach effort connect you with potential new members? *
Is your group interested in connecting with the network of SD County Indivisible groups for resource sharing, coordinated action, and mutual learning? *
If your answer to one or both of the questions above is YES, please complete the remainder of this form. If NO, please let us know if you would you like to be removed from this list or if your group is no longer in existence.
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Who is the main point of contact for your group? Please list the name of one person only.
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Email Address
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If your group has another person who potential members should contact, please list her or his name.
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Email Address
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In which of San Diego's Congressional Districts do your members live? You may indicate more than one.
Does your group host meetings for members?
If you hold meetings, in what part of San Diego City or the County are they held?
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If your group has a website, what is its URL?
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If your group has a Facebook page, what is its URL?
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If your group has a Twitter account, what is its Twitter handle?
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If your group uses MeetUp or other social media to communicate with members, indicate which and the corresponding URL.
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Has your group been involved in any of the following? Click all that apply.
Letters, phone calls and other communications with your Rep(s)
Town hall meetings with your Rep(s)
In person meetings with your Rep(s)
Speakers or educational events for members and/or community
Membership Newsletter/Eblasts
Rallies, marches and/or protests
Media outreach (letters to editor, press releases, etc.)
Voter registration
Canvassing / Getting out the Vote
Collaboration with other Indivisible groups in your district
Supporting the work of Indivisible groups in other districts
Issue based research to share with members
If you marked YES to "Other" or if you would like to elaborate on any of the other activities noted above, describe those activities here.
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To provide accurate representation when describing local membership to the media and other outside interests, please indicate how many followers you have on social media.
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If your group is affiliated with any other state or national organization in addition to Indivisible, please list the organization(s):
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If your group collaborates with any other local organizations (or local chapters of national organizations), please list the one(s) that you work with most closely.
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Please include any other details relevant to your group.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
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