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Please register here if you're interested in Early-Access to the demo when it comes out. The deadline will be addressed closer to when the demo is ready.

People who play early access will get an exclusive outfit to try!

We're releasing the game in Chapters. The first two chapters are rather short introduction chapters, and chapters 3-5 are the main part of the game. The otome elements start showing up Chapter 2 and later (As you're thirteen at that time) but is in full swing by Chapter 3.

The first chapter of the game will be released soonish. When we release chapter 2, we'll give you instructions on how to import your data. When we're finished, the whole game will be playable in one go without downloading chapter-by-chapter.

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Your email will NEVER be sold or shown to anyone outside of the core team. Not providing a valid email will result in no early access (Since the download link will be emailed to you.)
[BONUS] Who are you planning on romancing First in the full game?
for the fun times. I always hear "I'M ROMANCING THEM ALL" LOL good luck.
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