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Thank you for participating in the TRUE Innovation Webinar Series to learn how Servco Pacific's ongoing digital transformation and development of a customer 360 view has positively impacted their operations. TRUE is fortunate to have such an incredible community! Thank you for being a part of it. If you'd like to continue the discussion, please indicate so below.

As we put together valuable programming, we want to make sure we get your feedback and provide topics that are timely and relevant.

Please take a moment to share your feedback on the event, and note any recommendations in topics or for the webinars.
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The webinar description was accurate.
Indicate your desire to learn more or adopt the following technology solutions presented...
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Amperity (Peter Dooher & Tausif Islam)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Brian Rothe & John McDonald)
Salesforce Tableau (Tausif Islam)
Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Sheila Bernardo, Brian Rothe & Shawn Taras)
I'd like to be involved in an Amperity and/or Salesforce roundtable discussion
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