Teachers’ current understanding of dyscalculia and how they support, or would support, children with the condition
I am a third year Bachelor of Education (BEd) student specialising in primary mathematics education at the University of Plymouth; researching teachers’ ideas of how they support children with dyscalculia and to analyse teachers’ understanding of what dyscalculia is. If you do not know what ‘dyscalculia’ is or have little understanding of it, do not worry, you can still participate in the project.

By taking part in this questionnaire, you agree to the terms set out below.

Your responses will be anonymously recorded and stored through Google Forms which will be secured through password protection in line with GDPR regulations. This dataset will be kept private and only myself and my supervisor (Tom Cowan) will have access to it. Your responses will be analysed by myself to understand teachers’ understanding of dyscalculia and how they support, or would support, children with the condition and used as part of my research project at the university. Some of your responses may be used directly in the research project which you consent to by taking part. This project will be used as part of my BEd course, but could also be used in presentations to teachers, in journals, publications, online on my website (www.MrClarkeTeaches.weebly.com) and in conferences. The deadline for answering this questionnaire is the 7th April 2019 at 23:59.

Participation in this project is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw at any time whilst completing this questionnaire without penalty. This can be achieved through not submitting your responses. Due to your responses being anonymous, you cannot withdraw once you have submitted your responses. You also have the chance to skip any questions you feel uncomfortable with.

Should you wish to receive a copy of this project, once marked to prevent plagiarism issues, you should respond with the email address you wish the report to be sent to on the final question by the 7th April 2019 at 23:59. When analysing the data, this information will be removed and stored separately, to keep your responses anonymous. You will not receive this report until June 2019 at the earliest. Alternatively, you can submit your interest in receiving a copy by emailing myself at harry.clarke@students.plymouth.ac.uk – this must be done by the 20th May 2019. By receiving a copy, you do not own the report, and should you wish to reference it you must reference myself (Harry Clarke).

If, from this questionnaire or from subsequent research by yourself, you believe you have a child in your class with dyscalculia, follow the school’s special educational needs (SEN) policy. Do not self-diagnose dyscalculia without appropriate qualification to do so.

Should you have any queries or questions, email myself at harry.clarke@students.plymouth.ac.uk
If you wish to email my supervisor, you can email him at tom.cowan@plymouth.ac.uk

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