Call for Sites: Melbury Abbas and Cann Neighbourhood Plan
The Neighbourhood Plan for Melbury Abbas and Cann (MA&CNP31) is currently undertaking a review of potential development sites in the area which can be independently assessed for their suitability for development.

This process will compare the overall community preferences for development, existing planning constraints and the potential viability and deliverability of sites for housing (including affordable), employment and other community uses (e.g. leisure, recreational and other local services).

MA&CNP31 has asked all residents to indicate their preferences for development in the community-wide questionnaire (January 2018) which have now been reviewed by the steering group. To ensure all potential sites in the parish can be assessed under the Neighbourhood Plan process, If you are a landowner, land agent or developer and wish your land to be considered for development please complete this form by 5th November 2018.

To do so:

• You must give your name and address for your comments to be considered.
• Use a separate form for each site.
• Attach a map at an appropriate scale outlining the precise boundaries of the site in its entirety and the part which may be suitable for development (if this is less than the whole). Without this we are unable to register the site.

By responding you are accepting that your response and the information within it will be considered by the MA&CNP steering group. To comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), no personal information that could identify an individual will be made available in the public domain / distributed without consent.

Please bear in mind that putting forward for your land for consideration in no way guarantees that the site will be recommended for development nor that the evidence base of the plan will concur with landowner preferences for development on the site. If you wish to withdraw or amend a site at any stage, please write to stating the reasons for any change.

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