Social Service Programme Data Acquisition Platform.
House Visits, data collection and imparting awareness on ‘Zero Waste Campaign’.
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1. Do you know about zero waste concept and its importance?
2. Have you heard about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste?
3. How do you dispose off kitchen waste from your house?
4. How do you dispose off paper/card board waste ?
5. Do you know about any type of composting methods used?
6. If yes, please mention the name of composting method.
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7. Have you implemented any kind of composting methods in your home?
8. How do you dispose off the plastic product waste at your home?
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9. ‘Burning or burying of plastic waste is dangerous’. Do you agree?
10. What are the main types of lighting in your house?
11. How do you dispose off damaged fluorescent tubes, CFLs , battery, electronic items etc., ?
12. Do you know about the hazards of improper disposal of damaged fluorescent tubes, CFLs, battery, electronic items etc?
13. Do you have a habit of collecting degradable and non-degradable waste separately?
14. If yes, who in household is most active in collecting and sorting of different garbage?
15. Do you know any plastic recycling center in your locality?
16. Is your house build with soak pit/septic tank for bathroom/ toilet?
17. Do you encourage your family members and others to 'reuse' different materials?
18. Do you wish to change your present life style to a new zero waste life?
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