COGS 2018-2019 E-Board Application
Hi! Thanks for your interest in growing the next generation of Creation of Games Society! We want to take this chance to get to know you better, and learn more about how you plan to inspire game developers and the tech community at Rutgers.

Having prior leadership experience is not a requirement to apply! So don't hesitate if you've never held office at an organization.

To COGS, Community and Technology are the most important factors in an application. Your input and views on these pillars should be a crucial part of your application. It's important to consider not only other members of the organization but also other tech clubs at Rutgers and the larger community.

1) Application Submitted
2) Current Board reviews applications
3) Follow up emails and contact sent out after ~1-2 week(s)
4) A brief (online) interview about your application will be scheduled (process takes ~1-2 weeks)
5) Current board reviews interviews and candidates
6) Decisions are released (aim: early to mid April)

If you don't have concrete ideas yet, or aren't sure - apply anyway! The application is just an overview of your ideas, we will get to know them better during an interview.

Best of luck!
-COGS Board

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