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You can use this form to request an appointment. Please fill out the form below as detailed as possible. Thank you!

Before continuing with your appointment request, please read the following notice. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and understand.

1. Appointments can be requested during any of or hours of operation in 30 minute increments starting at the top of the hour or at half past the hour. Group appointments must be made for 1 hour starting at the top of the hour only.

Hours of Operation:
Summer Hours
Monday & Wednesday: 9am-4pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 11am - 6pm

Fall & Spring Semester
Monday - Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 9am-Noon
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 4pm-8pm

2. We cannot guarantee that the appointment time that you request will be available as we have a limited number of slots for each half hour. If we are already booked with appointments for your requested time we will contact you to try to find an alternate time.

3. If you make your request outside our hours of operation, we will review your request as soon as possible the next day we are open. Please note that we cannot accommodate an appointment request for the first time slot. For example, if you complete this form on after 7PM on Thursday and we open on Monday at 10AM, you should not request the 10AM time slot as we would not have time to get that set up and confirmed.

4. If you are seeking a time that is same day and it less than 1 hour from the time you are requesting, please call us at (252) 538-3407.

5. Your appointment must be 2 or more days before the presentation due date. If the speech has already been given or if you are requesting a conversation -non-presentation related- appointment, the 2 day policy does not apply. For more information on our 2-day policy, see our website at this link: https://speakingcenter.uncg.edu/services/online-consultations/

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If you have any questions, feel free to email us at speakctr@uncg.edu or call us at (252) 538-3407
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