Inter-club Poker Night RSVP
Hello all clubs!
As we enter into Thanksgiving Weekend, we are going to have an Inter-Club Poker night.
We would like to invite every member to come to our event. Since not a lot of clubs are interactive with one another, we would like to break that awkwardness and find some similarities within different clubs.

We will provide food, snacks and drinks to ease that hunger and bring extra flavor.
If you are not too fond of poker, we will have other games. So don't be shy to come along!

We will have prizes for the best poker player to make more people competitive and eager to seek out for that W!
Prize for the winer: $25 Amazon gift card
Priced for the second place: $15 Starbucks gift card

Last day to Register is November 24th 11:59pm!

Location: HUB 332
Time: 11/26 Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm
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