AJC Project Interchange Alumni Venture Fund
AJC Project Interchange awards a limited number of grants of up to $1,000 biannually to support impactful Israel-related projects and programs led by Project Interchange alumni.

The venture fund aims to:
• Encourage alumni to develop initiatives inspired by their Project Interchange experience.
• Enable alumni to deepen their relationships with Israel and its people.
• Provide alumni with resources and connections to realize ambitious initiatives.
• Empower alumni to extend the impact of their Israel experience to others.

Projects and Process:
• The project or program must be initiated by a Project Interchange alumnus.
• Eligible proposals should reflect some aspect of Israeli history, society, culture or politics.
• Proposals may include but are not limited to academic projects, public programs or artistic
• The Alumni Venture Fund does not provide general operating funds to existing non-profit organizations.
• Proposals are evaluated by Project Interchange staff.
• Grantees receive 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% upon completion, normally within one year.
• The Alumni Venture Fund also provides grantees with connections in Israel and the U.S.
• Grantees agree to be featured by AJC in social media and/or public programs.

The next application deadline is June 30, 2020. Questions? Email Lili Kalish Gersch at gerschl@ajc.org.

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Thank you for completing the application for the AJC Project Interchange Alumni Venture Grant. This grant is available to alumni of Project Interchange delegations on a competitive basis.
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