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Welcome to the Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour

Tee times for our events are DRAWN rather than selected. You can select a PREFERENCE here but tee times are still drawn - we try our best to accommodate but people typically request the same times.

Tee times will not be sent out until a week or two before events - asking won't speed this up.

Priority for tee requests will go to members - sign up

Multi Day events days 1 and 2 are drawn, and day 3 is played in reverse order of combined total score.

If you have a particular reason for a particular tee time, then please complete this form.

If you have entered multiple events please do a separate form for each.

Additionally, if you would like to be paired up with any other groups, this is also the form you need.

This form is only for those who have already entered events and you can find your order number in the confirmation email.

Any other questions should be directed to

Buggies: Allowed for medical reasons, please order direct from the club
Food/Drinks: We do not provide food/drinks to keep the event price down

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Four or Six digit order number we provided in your confirmation email. If you don't have an order number, don't fill out this form its just for those who have already confirmed entry.
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Please note if the event is not shown then tee sheets have been submitted for the draw. Please email with your request and we will see what we can do.
Tee Time Request
What tee times do you require - range
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Tee Time Reason
Why do you need a specific tee time?
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Play together request
Please provide names and/or order numbers of groups you wish to partner
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