Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue Adoption Application
Thank you for applying with Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue. The needs of each dog are as individual as the needs of your family and the answers to these questions better equip us to make great placement choices. We ask that you be as thorough as possible when answering, and please, be aware that applications with incomplete, or short, answers may be overlooked.

Applications remain active for 90 days from the date of original application, after which time we encourage you to reapply if you are still looking to add a Newfoundland to your family.

For more information on our available dogs, check out: www.newfoundland.ninja
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Is there someone else in your home we can talk to about your application?
If so, name them here.
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Please, note that our general area includes Minnesota, Eastern North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa, and Western Wisconsin. Applications from outside of that area will be reviewed, but in some circumstances, may not be considered for all dogs. Additionally, it is likely that we will request photos for review if your home is outside the distance of an in-person home visit.
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If you are interested in a particular dog(s) you saw available for adoption, please name it here.
You are welcome to apply even if there is not a particular dog that has caught your interest today. We do keep a waiting list of interested applicants.
Would you like to remain on our waiting list if you are not matched with the dog mentioned previously? *
Applications remain active for 90 days from the date of original application. We encourage applicants to reapply at that time if they would like to remain active on our waiting list.
Would you consider adopting a Newfoundland mix? *
Do you prefer a male or female dog? Why? *
Or, state that you have no preference.
Do you have an age preference? *
Check all that apply.
Would you consider adopting a dog with special needs? *
IE. allergies, epilepsy, weak hind legs, structural difficulties, anxiety, reactivity, etc.
Why are you looking to add a new dog to your family at this time? *
Are there children in your household, or do you have children that visit your household frequently? *
How many people live in your household? *
Please describe, including ages and genders of minor children (including children that visit your household frequently) and the relationship of other adults in the home to the applicant (you). If you are the only resident, please, write 'Just Me.'
Does anyone in your household have ANY concerns about or objections to adding a dog to your family? *
If yes, explain.
Why do you want a Newfoundland dog? *
Have you ever owned a Newfoundland dog? *
If you no longer own the dog, please explain.
Do you currently have any dog(s)? *
If yes, what breed, sex, age, neutered/spayed?
For faster processing, please, include all above requested information.
Any other pets (and/or livestock)? *
Please, include information on indoor and outdoor animals. Also, whether outdoor animals are kept penned or allowed to free range.
Are you current pets good with new dogs?
What kind of experience do they have with strange dogs coming into their space? Do you need help introducing them to a newly adopted pet?
Do you live in a house or apartment? *
Do you own or rent? *
Are you aware of the pet licensing requirements in your community? *
Please, describe in detail the area where the dog’s primary living space would be. *
Please, describe the general layout/location of the area where your dog would spend most of its time.
Please, describe the flooring found in the dog's primary living space. *
One of our adoption requirements is the presence of safe, suitable flooring. Any hardwoods and/or laminates should have ample rugs or non-slip surfaces.
Please, describe the stairs and staircases found in the dog's primary living space (as well as In/Out of your home). *
Please, include the number of steps in a flight, as well as the surface material. Indoor stairs are all required to have carpeting or attached stair treads.
Do you have a fenced yard? *
If yes, please describe your fence, including height and materials. *
If you do not have a fence, please, explain how you would safely and securely provide exercise and potty time for a potential dog.
Does your home have air conditioning? *
What might a typical day look like for your new dog? *
Activities and general schedule. As well as where you expect your new dog to be while you go to work, attend events, etc. Include information on the frequency of visitors to your home.
How many hours per day will your dog spend alone at home? Explain. *
Without human companionship.
What is your plan for grooming your Newfoundland dog? *
What qualities are you looking for in a Newfoundland dog? *
What potentially problem behaviors have you had experience with in the past? *
How did you resolve them? Did you seek assistance from a trainer?
What behaviors would be difficult for you to tolerate or manage? *
Have you ever hired a dog trainer or attended dog training classes? *
Training School, Professional Trainer, Behaviorist, Etc
What was the name of the school/trainer/behaviorist? *
If not applicable, just put NA.
Please, describe in detail your training experience. *
What kind of training did you do (such as obedience, manners, agility, etc)? Also, what types of equipment (such as harnesses, collars, etc)? How did you feel about the experience (what did you like or not like, etc)? If not applicable, just put NA.
Scenario Question: What would you do if your newly adopted dog stole things off of your counters? *
If required for the dog you were adopting, would you be willing to take training classes with a Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue approved trainer? *
Using a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being fairly inactive and 10 being very active, describe your family’s activity level. *
List some activities that your family engages in on a regular basis. *
Please consider summer and winter, indoors and outdoors.
If you plan to take frequent outings with your new dog, how many times per week do you think these outings will occur?
Also, what types of places do you plan to take them?
Do you utilize dog parks? *
Is it your desire to take your newly adopted dog to dog parks? Why or why not?
Do you have any upcoming travels plans that might affect your potential adoption? *
If yes, please, tell us about them and your plans for your newly adopted dog. Include any travel plans within the next six months.
We DO NOT ship or transport dogs. Once a placement decision has been made, we require that all dogs be picked up from their foster home by their adoptive family. Do you understand and agree to this? *
Is there anything else you'd like our volunteer team to know about your family?
Please, include as much or as little information here as you'd like to - anything that might help our team determine a suitable adoptive match!
I hereby agree that this information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. *
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