CS 160 Summer 2015 Course Entry Questionnaire
as we put together teams for the course project, we need to know a bit about you so that you'll have the best chance of success
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what is your name? *
(so we know whom to give credit to)
what year are you in school? *
(we want to balance project groups)
how many other courses are you taking simultaneously? *
(this will help us balance the workload; don't include this course in your count)
which section are you planning to attend? *
(we'll try to create groups that can all go to the same section)
what are you most excited for in this course? *
what do you consider your strongest skills that you could bring to the term project? describe (briefly) any past projects that are relevant. *
(are you a brilliant visual designer? a wicked coder? a good manager? great at interviews? or something else? "I will work hard" isn't specific enough!)
do you have access to an android device?  which one, and what version of android does it run? *
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